Ceramic Coaster - Talulah Lady

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Discover Talulah, an all-new homewares range born from a collaboration between Splosh and contemporary Australian artist, Joey Davis! Featuring tropical blooms and dynamic colours, Talulah captures the true essence of self-discovery and works to enhance any space with vibrancy and tranquillity. The range borrows motifs of blooming florals to symbolise growth, resilience and acceptance, and features a radiant colour palette reflecting the spectrum of emotion and zest for life.

With the artwork spanning across a range of homewares including wall art, coasters, frames, verses, magnets and more, these new arrivals are set to transform any home into a paradise filled with positive energy.

  • Luxe 3D embossed details!
  • Non-slip cork backing!
  • Made from high quality materials!
  • Vibrant colour palette!
  • Size: 10.5 x 10.5 x 0.5cm

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