Spencil Big Box Bento

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Lunch time = fun time with this reusable, leak-free, durable and food safe bento box to keep your kids' food fresh and mess-free! A bigger bento to satisfy hungry bellies all day long.

It's perfect for picky eaters, or kids who love variety (who doesn't?) with 6 different compartments including a 4 compartment inner sandwich tray and removable divider to create another 2 compartments.

Leak proof seals for packing wet and dry foods side-by-side. Tapered, take-apart design for a complete clean.

6 versatile compartments or 4 with divider tray removed

Removable 4 compartment inner sandwich tray plus two compartment divider

Leak proof seals allow wet and dry foods to be packed together

No spillage disasters with kid-friendly clip closure

Pack healthy and nutritionally-balanced meals with ease

Reusable and sustainable option to reduce waste and unnecessary packaging

Food Safe - BPA and phthalates free


Your child's new bento box has been thoughtfully designed by our team with you and your child in mind. We have a few tips to help keep their lunch fresh all day and to care for the box.Take care not to overfill compartments. Leave a small gap from the top to allow the seals to do their job.Wet foods like thick yoghurts, sauces and dips will stay in any of the four main compartments right next to bread, crunchy vegetables or crackers.However, avoid putting thin liquids like soups, runny yoghurt, watery dressings and sauces in the box. They will escape.The two small removable tray compartments are not spillage proof and should be used for solid foods only.

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