Rotating Base For Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Rotating Base For Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

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For the ultimate in a Christmas Tree Display, why not get a rotating stand? Not only does it spin at an elegant pace, but you can also plug your lights in so they too can spin without any tangling or mess. Suits many sizes of tree stem, and is mains powered. Your tree will look, wow!



Rotating artificial Christmas tree stand

Stand features three functions; Off, lights only or stand rotate & lights on

Suitable for trees with 32mm pole or 23mm with provided adapter

Suited for trees no taller than 2.4m

Maximum holding weight of base 37kg including tree & decorations

Dimension 68cm x 20cm (stand)

Mains power operated

Product complies with Australian safety & performance standards

Indoor use only

Ensure any plug, transformer or loose wiring secured to tree before switching on

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