Tilley Reed Diffusers - Small 75ml

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Our premium quality diffusers fragrance your home for up to 6 months.

For best use from your diffuser keep out of the way of draughts from heat pumps of open windows. Turn your reeds once a week to renew the fragrance and enjoy.

Reeds are a perfect way of bringing constant fragrance into your living space, without flame.

Choose your fragrance below:

Magnolia & Green Tea: The tropical Magnolia tree exudes the finest floral fragrance, which has been carefully balanced with a calming freshness extracted from Green Tea.


Lemongrass: Aromatic Lemongrass has an invigorating, grassy-lemony scent, carrying a tropical freshness that will envelope and stimulate the senses.


Peony Rose: A simply divine feminine fragrance. Peony Roses have blousy blooms with an intoxicatingly sweet and alluring perfume.


Vanilla Bean: Sweet, sweet Vanilla like the tastiest vanilla slice. Soft, cosy and comforting aromas to sooth and calm you after the days end.


Coconut & Lime: The perfect holiday scent, delicious rich coconut perfectly partnered with cool lime.


Patchouli & Musk: The bittersweet, earthy, and woody edge of Patchouli combined with the exotic aroma of Musk will entice you.


Tahitian Frangipani: This lush, rich floral fragrance evokes the feeling of relaxing with your feet-up on a Tahitian island.


Pink Lychee: The delicate, sweet fruity tang of this delectable fragrance instantly transports your senses to the tropics.


Wild Gingerlily: This clean, fresh, unisex fragrance blends the warmth of Ginger with subtle floral notes and just a hint of bitter orange.


Tasmanian Lavender: Delicately crafted for optimum fragrance, this rich enchantingly sweet aroma with herbaceous notes will evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity.


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