Premium Card - Rude Friendship

Premium Card - Rude Friendship

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Friendship is so weird. You pick out a random human you've never met and you're like, "This one. I want to go on adventures with this one."

Naughty, rude, irreverent, funny and wicked Defamations greeting cards will delight, demean and defame even the most prudish of people. Take the piss out of friends and family with Australia's most amusing, fucking greeting cards.

There's a card from every occasion. Printed in Australia using Sovereign Silk 350 gsm - FSC Certified Stock, which means all our cards are environmentally friendly. La de da or what! FSC is also the only forest certification system that requires consultation with local Indigenous Peoples to protect their rights, which is precisely how it should be.

For the record, Defamations hate people who hunt wild animals for trophies, are racist and show no regard for the environment.

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