Makeup Erasing Pads - Set of 3

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Set of 3 Reusable Make Up Pads
Effortlessly remove makeup with only water. Essential for your conscious beauty regime.

Eliminate the need for disposable makeup wipes, which are harmful to the environment. Follow the below directions for a quick, easy and chemical-free cleanse.

Directions for Use
1. Soak the pad in warm water.
2. Gently wipe across your face – vigorous scrubbing not required! The water loosens makeup, allowing the microfibre material to thoroughly cleanse deep into your pores.
3. Use the clean, reverse side of the pad to ensure all traces of makeup are removed.
4. To remove heavier eye makeup, ensure the pad is saturated with warm water and then hold over the eye area for 10 seconds before starting to wipe.

Re-use over and over again.

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