Bubblegum Stuff -Throwing Shade

Bubblegum Stuff -Throwing Shade

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Throwing Shade [throw-ing sheyd] verb – slang

Shade is the subtle insult of a friend. E.g. if they have a new haircut you don’t like, you’d say, “Check out your hair!” You don’t have to tell them the haircut is bad. They know it’s bad. And that’s shade.

Throwing Shade is the hilariously insulting party game where you’re rewarded for being mean to your friends. Cards contain scenario-based insults in a “Who’s most likely to….” format. Use them in combinations of 3, and you’ll create some weapons-grade shade that’ll have the recipients running for cover. If your friends can match the shade with the person, you score points. Score the most points, win the game… and the title of Shadiest of the Shady


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