Disney Marvel Spider-Man Web-Slinger - Game

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Thwip! Thwip! Thwip! BOOM! New York City is being attacked by the Sinister Six! It’s time for the Webbed Wonders to protect the neighbourhood.
Your team must work together to save the city from the Super Villains.

Players take turns throwing their web cards to collect Spidey Skills, earn points, and trade for upgrades.
It’s a battle of good vs. evil: if Team Spidey collects 40 points before all of the Sinister Six are in the lair, then New York City is saved!

Perfect for friends, families, and aspiring Webbed Wonders.
Suitable for ages 8+. 2-6 players, has an average 20-minute gameplay, and includes English instructions.
Printed using FSC paper and soy inks, the game comes in an embossed tin that is recyclable.

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