Disney Marvel Guardians of the galaxy - Dance-Off Game

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Remember when Star-Lord saved Xandar from destruction by throwing shapes to the sounds of his mixtape? Well, now it’s your turn to boogie for the win!
Challenge your friends to a Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-off and be the fastest to bust the right move!

The simple instructions make the game widely accessible.
There’s no strategy or overthinking involved, simply watch the cards, and strike a pose to win.

It’s a great way to keep kids entertained without having to learn and understand complex gameplay.
Perfect for friends, families, Guardians of the Galaxy fans, and anyone who loves to boogie.

Suitable for ages 8+. 3–6 players, has an average 15-minute gameplay.
Includes 36 Character cards, 18 Disco cards, 2 Rewind cards, 2 Skip DJ cards, 1 Bonus Track card. 

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