Affirmation Cards - A Month of Kindness

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Introducing 'A Month Of', an all-new gifting range featuring 8 monthly challenges complete with their very own built-in display stand. With each set including 31 affirmation cards, these latest arrivals are your go-to for a daily dose of motivation. Whether the goal is to create healthier habits, be more mindful or show more gratitude, there is a set to inspire everybody, every day of the month.




  • Brand new product concept!
  • Available in 8 on-trend designs!
  • Contains 31 cards for each day of the month!
  • Box doubles as a stand!
  • Great gift idea!

Product Details:


  • Packaging: PP bag
  • Size: 8 x 2.5 x 12cm
  • Details: 31 full coloured affirmation cards inside full printed cardboard box that doubles as the card holder/stand.
  • AU RRP: $14.99 | NZ RRP: $18.99

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