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Panda Heat Pack with silica gel beads
Microwave heat pack for huggable warmth. Soothes sore muscles.
Cuddly comfort and heat pack in one! Simply pop the heat pack from inside the microfibre Panda Cover into the microwave to heat. Shake and place it back inside the Panda Cover. Stay toasty in winter or help ease those muscular aches and pains. Heat pack filled with silica gel beads which heat evenly and last longer than wheat. 
Can also be used as a cool pack.­­
2.         DO NOT OVERHEAT – always follow heating instructions.
3.         DO NOT USE UNDER BEDDING – may catch fire.
4.         DO NOT USE IF SMELLS OR LOOKS BURNT – allow to cool first then throw away.
5.         DO NOT LEAVE PACK UNATTENDED IN MICROWAVE – in case of fire.
6.         DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON SKIN TO AVOID BURNS – use cover or towel between pack and skin.
7.         DO NOT USE STRAIGHT FROM MICROWAVE IF TOO HOT – allow to cool down first.
8.         DO NOT USE PACK ON ONE BODY PART FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES – continuous heat may burn.
9.         USE WITH CAUTION – heat packs can burn skin when used incorrectly and particularly the more delicate skins of children or older people. SUPERVISE children at all times
10.       MICROWAVE ONLY – do not use in gas or electric oven.
11.       It is NOT RECOMMENDED to add oils or fragrances to the
            pack – these may increase the risk of fire.
Never place the complete product inside the microwave.
Only microwave the inner silica gel bead bag.

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