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The Lapmate is an impressive 56cm wide x 36 cm long with plenty of surface space.
The Legs extend from 19.5cm to 26cm in height.
The table inclines to 6 different degrees – from flat to 65 degrees.

We’ve even included a handy drawer to put your things in on the side!

Join thousands of happy customers who have said ‘hello’ to their new best mate – the ultimate experience of multi-tasking in comfort.

The Lapmate doesn’t just create comfort; it makes life’s everyday tasks easier – such as enjoying your dinner on the couch or having breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning.

It’s also the perfect height for little ones playing on the floor.

With the Lapmate’s 6 different levels of incline and adjustable legs, you’ll even be able to use your laptop or tablet in the comfort of your own bed – with ease.

The Lapmate’s aim is to create a more comfortable experience for you, whilst increasing your productivity.

Go on, what are you waiting for? You deserve one.

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